Theresa May is such a bitch.

Hi everyone, long time no read.

To make up for it, I’ve written a poem about our current Prime Minister. Enjoy.


Theresa May is such a bitch

She can often be mistaken for a witch

With her old-fashioned ways

And speeches that go on for days

She’s as pleasant as a never-ending itch.


“Strong and stable leadership!” she cries

When she realises that we aren’t believing her lies

Bullying the EU into a trade deal

Whilst families hunt for the next meal

It’s almost as though Thatcher never died.


Her government “isn’t driven by the privileged few”

Yet there are more billionaires mingling between me and you

Starbucks doesn’t pay tax

Food banks are always packed

The NHS is on the brink of collapse too.


Once upon a time Britannia ruled the waves

Now it’s crumbling with people having no money to save

But voting for Labour would be chaos!

Vote for Theresa who obviously oozes pathos

I never thought I’d say this, but I kinda miss Dave.


This is the woman who voted against gender equality and human rights

She doesn’t believe in gay marriage or animal life

To her, voting to lift the hunting ban is imperative

As is using vocab that is repetitive

If we all rally together, she will not win this fight.


Vote Labour June 8th.

Ashleigh M Cross


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