A poem and links for us to remember the victims of this terrible crime. RIP.


Travel Guide and Chill

So it's been a while since I've written anything on this blog, and chances are you've all had sleepless nights over my whereabouts. Or so I like to think. Within 25 days, I've been to The Isle of Wight Festival, found a new love for vaginal deodorant, casually voted to Leave the EU and have … Continue reading Travel Guide and Chill


This blog post was inspired by the one word prompt challenge. Today's word is childhood. Childhood. We all have one. Some good, some not so great. The best memory of my childhood would be the time that I got my first love, in the shape of a silver tabby cat. George. With his high cheekbones, … Continue reading George

Squatting The STD’s Away

When an event rises (whatever it may be), it causes an instant impulse of "I MUST GO" and no real thinking goes into the organisation of the nitty gritty. It is an impulse of where money is no object, you'll swim across the English Channel to get to it and you've convinced yourself that you'll … Continue reading Squatting The STD’s Away

Eggs Changed My Life

Today is Monday, 29th May 2016 EDIT: NO IT ISN'T, IT'S THE 30TH omg. That sounds very formal and conscientious (I had to use spell checker for that.)┬áSo I guess that I should say HAPPY MONDAY to absolutely no one, seeing as I'm sat in the house on my lonesome. Oh and 3 Cats. I … Continue reading Eggs Changed My Life