Hi everyone,

As I am sure you have heard, on Monday 22nd May 2017 there was a terrorist attack at Manchester Arena. The world has been shocked and devastated at this horrendous attack, so I decided to write a poem as I feel helpless. I have also included links to a couple of crowdfunding pages to support the families of the victims as well as the homeless man, Steve who attended to the injured at the arena. At this time, people are still missing, so let’s keep them in our thoughts and prayers, and hope for a safe return.

Childhood innocence is a precious thing

Doe eyed, excited what the world can bring

Colours seem so vivid and bright

Darkness is unknown, only light

Monday night, the angels began to sing.


Stood there waiting to see their idol

Butterflies in their tummy, seeking Ariana’s arrival

As the lights dimmed, she appeared

They began to sing, no trace of fear

So why did they have to fight for survival?


Pyrotechnics and lights shone before their eyes,

Familiar lyrics generating indescribable highs

They never wanted that night to end,

Excitedly screaming “THAT WAS AMAZING” to their friend

Unbeknownst to them, they would never say goodbye.


Music is what brings us all together

Hate is trying to divide us, we won’t let them.

Let us remember not only those who have passed,

but all of the Mancunians delivering heroic acts,

who’s generosity terrorism will not sever.


RIP to all of the victims after the terrorist attack in Manchester.




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